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Divine Alchemy

If you haven’t looked beyond the veil, this is your chance to connect to the energies that upgrade your personal energy field and nurture your soul on a very deep level.

What Is Your Nature?
What Makes You Thrive?
Join us in an adventure designed for you to PLAY and access your magical being.

  • express who you are inside
  • connect with your inner wisdom
  • connect with your innocent playfulness 

Initiate yourself into the next step of your spiritual development.

Ascension  |  Phoenix Rising  |  Revelations

Individual Sessions in the "Octagon Ascension Temple”:
Release your entire being of karmic residue, old trauma, patterns and structures that hold you static and stuck.
Experience a magical journey into connecting with your Highest Self - learning how to inquire and download your personal healing path. Eva will lead you skillfully into a new belief system and release your entire being of karmic residue, old trauma, patterns and structures that hold you static and stuck. She helps you to shift into alignment with who you truly are, using multidimensional techniques of vibratory acoustics and other spiritual tools.
Each session is unique in nature and Eva herself follows the guidance of your specific Akashic Records and Higher Self guidance to realign you with your highest potential and your inner wholesomeness.
These sessions are very intense and powerful and help you release even the most difficult experiences and attacking energies that seem to want to keep you in place of stagnation.
($300 per session)
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"Phoenix Rising" Individual Retreat (3 or 7 days):
At a point in your life where you have hit rock bottom or need clear guidance on which turn to take?
Eva connects with your Spirit Guides and your Highest Self and will create a Program individually for you so all your needs are met and best Results are assured. How many Release Sessions you will have within your stay will vary on your individual ability to move through the clutter and move to the next chapter in your life.
Package Includes:

- Stay in a magical 100 year old chapel or in our amazing Suite
- Food and lodging for the duration of your stay.
- One on one sessions with Eva

- Release Sessions (vary in length depending on personal needs)
- Release Rituals in Nature
- Sound Healings
- hiking in beautiful Topa Topa Mountains
- Jacuzzi
- Silent time
- Meditation journeys using the energy points of the property to reset your Chakra system
- Essence Photography of your Infinite Self

3 Day Retreat: $1,500    |    7 Day Retreat: $2,500

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Email Sessions With Eva:
Work with Eva one on one through email. Ask a few questions and receive personalized email correspondence
3 questions - same subject: $50
5 questions - 2 Subjects: $75

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Skype or Face Time Sessions:
Work one on one with Eva from the comfort of your home.
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Intimate Group Sessions Once A Month At Casa De Paz:
Merge With the Next Evolution of Yourself In A Safe and Loving Environment.
Go and play - Evoke the Art of Expression  - Initiate - Open the Floodgates to your inner JOY - Express who you truly are in small, intimate group sessions.

Unlock what truly makes you happy and enjoy connection and community. Each session includes release rituals, personal intention setting, group magnetic practices, breathing exercises, meditation practices in nature that re-calibrate your entire being with your true nature. All sessions finish with a beautiful dinner at the chapel.
(Price is dependent on group size)

5-7 people: $175/person
8-12 people: $125/person

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Personal Understanding:
The Path to creating a family is for many nowadays not an easy journey and very costly too.

There is no guarantee that after spending $20,000 on fertility treatment, that you will get pregnant, not to even speak about the incredible impact on a woman’s body and the psychological inner pain that the couple goes through while dealing with this subject.
Eva has gone through fertility treatments herself and knows first hand about the inner journey that is connected to the outer journey and the tremendous emotional pain that it is often accompanied by.
Your Healing Journey:
Eva connects with your highest Selves and is able to ask questions around that subject to receive a clear picture on what needs to be done to clear the path. 
Each path is very couple-specific and no path is the same. 
She will generally need to work with both partners individually and then also together as a couple. Oftentimes she will release trauma that childhood placed upon a client that might hinder us subconsciously from being able to receive what we so desire. She will help you look at the entire aspect from a multidimensional perspective and taking a deeper look into all parts of creation and manifestation to find where that pathway is blocked.
Transmuting those patterns, mindsets, energetic blocks helps each individual to get aligned with the Baby Soul and the communication and receptivity towards that soul opens up. After each individual partner goes through the clearings necessary, the couple goes through some alignment rituals together so that the couple becomes completely clear and radiates a strong and potent energy field out into the universe that can draw in what is a perfect match.
Now a baby soul can be attracted to this conscious and clear energy field and can receive that signal that is sent out.
Eva is even able to clear certain energy blocks that have become physical, but it does depend on the receptivity of the person and the willingness to do what Eva instructs you to do, as nobody heals anyone, but the Healer is always one SELF. 
Eva can only be a catalyst to that which is already there, the perfect wholesomeness of each individual. The Individual decides if they are ready to allow the natural state of perfect health into manifestation. 

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