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You are here for a REASON!

My name is Eva and I am a fully realized Spiritual Life Coach, Sound Healer and Truth Speaker. I have been educated and directly guided by the Ascended Masters for over 25 years.

My greatest joy is helping others to align with Source Energy so they can raise their own vibration to the level where Miracles come true. I help clear energy blocks, I track them back to their origin and utilize multidimensional technologies to unlock and transform every pattern, block, mindset, trauma and experience that binds and holds my clients' consciousness trapped. I help create healing templates and follow the instructions of the clients Highest Selves to merge the Lower Self with the Highest Possibilities for that individual.

We are vibratory multidimensional beings and we are wholesome by birthright. Opening the door to letting this awareness - once again - into your consciousness will heal, align, reconstruct and infuse you with everything you personally might be in need of.

I would be deeply honored if you allow me to take you on your personal discovery journey that helps you to access your unique spiritual gifts, guides you to come out of your shell to shine your light brightly and realign you with Source Energy where you become the powerful co-creator that you were meant to be. From that place miracles manifest with ease and grace.

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