About Eva, Our Founder...

I was born and raised in Germany. I finished Business School in Switzerland and became a holistic Medicine Practitioner (Naturalpath). I ran successful holistic practices in Munich, Germany and in Lucerne, Switzerland offering a wide variety of alternative therapy disciplines and specialized  in Bio-photonic Light Therapy (by Darbic, Dr. Acquillera, France) , Frequency/Electrotherapy (Megawatt 150), Color acupuncture, Regenaplex Cellular Therapy (Switzerland), Karma work, Hypnosis and Forgiveness work.

Living in Switzerland at the time I also was owning a restaurant. After some dramatic "life challenges" I decided to sell everything and go onto an inner Soul Search. I knew for a long time that I was guided by the Ascended Master team, by One Master in Particular - Master Saint Germain - who I so deeply love as he guided me through the darkest and deepest with so much patience and so much grace.  I found inner peace on an island in Greece which I had fallen in love with. That’s where my deep soul search began and my spiritual journey began to unfold magically. I felt guided in everything I did. My thoughts manifested instantly sometimes - and so I followed my inner voice and guidance more and more. I started each morning with clearing my mind and asking in a very specific way for what I wanted to experience.  Life was Good as I pulled myself out of the Dark night of the Soul.

The lessons I learned through these experiences enabled me to have greater understanding and compassion for all peoples problems including our individual dark sides and their roots.

By the grace and consistent direct schooling of Master Saint Germain,  I learned new tools that helped me release karmic burdens that had lasted over many lifetimes. My education has entered a very multidimensional way of understanding the universe and new tools and techniques have simplified the processes of purification tremendously. As our collective consciousness is raising - also new tools become available to us. I am sharing these with my clients as it is asked of me.

Our paths lead us through similar issues of pain, fear and misery to “make us want” to seek our best within ourselves. We can heal ourselves if we truly believe we can and allow ourselves to turn into our “Natural State of Being".

Bless the World with you,


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About Casa de Paz

As the name implies “nomen est omen” - Casa de Paz is a land of tranquility and peace. It’s serenity helps to make you feel at home and supports you in your efforts to escape the outer turmoil to find to your inner peace. Casa de Paz is a property with history. Mary Grey lived here many years ago and through her connections to the Theosophical Society she has been very much a part of bringing Krishnamurti to Ojai. Still today even long after Mary Grey and Krishnamurti have left their bodies into the infinite,  the energies on the land carry still the amazing spiritual energy as the properties between the Krishnamurti Library, now called the Peppertree Retreat and Casa De Paz used to be connected in those days. The over 100 year old Chapel on the land was dedicated to Krishnamurti’s Brother as he was meditating in it always when he visited from India. Stories were told about the enormous power of the Peppertrees on this land, who helped awaken a lot of spiritual seekers.

My husband, daughter Shanti and I feel very grateful for having been blessed with this magical land. We honor it and have enjoyed transforming it into an even more magical paradise. We have created portals for angels and other mystical beings and are visited by them. Fairies and other mystical beings help us care for this marvelous kingdom and we feel we live in the magical Shangri-La in Ojai.

Our guests and visitors feel transformed by just "being here" for a short period of time as the magnificent high energy and it’s Light vortexes are jump starting every individual's transformation journey all by itself.

The land is dedicated - like we are - to serve
Transformation and Enlightenment.

It couldn’t be a more powerful synergy between my own personal dedication towards unleashing the Full Potential within every individual and seeing ourselves as the being that is ONE with all Life on Earth.

The nature responds to this understanding and magically infuses every ritual, every prayer, every song with the Love that it beholds for all of us. Together we become the synergy and the symphony that unlocks the potent and powerful Potential. This Potential within each and everyone just waits to Rise.

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