Be Who You Were Created To Be, And You Will Set The World On Fire!
     - St. Catherine of Sienna

Infuse yourself - Merge with what is already there

Connect with what Matters Most - Relax - Trust - Allow and Receive!

The universe responds to your thoughts, beliefs and words spoken - reliably every single time. Eva works with each client to change their vibrational energy and connect with their higher selves. Read about the transformations some of her students have experienced below...

Tanja Hinterleitner, Germany

1st Retreat: 2007
My name is Tanja and I am from Germany and contacted Eva in America for a one on one Phoenix rising week. I arrived with my little daughter Hannah who was 1 year old at the time and I was heartbroken at the time. My life had taken such a dramatic shocking turn that I felt like I had no reason to live. I had lost all hope and was devastated beyond anything I have ever felt. My then husband betrayed me and took my home away from me that I have build with him with me own hands. He moved the new lady into our home.
After staying with Eva for a week, I experienced  a “Rebirth” of my entire being, I can only describe it as that. I started feeling a surge of confidence coming back and giving me a confident outlook onto my life. The part in my was restored thet wanted to give up and waste away. I was able to stay rooted deep within myself and I had enough energy to face the situation back in Germany. I was able to stand up for myself and find solutions for my daughter and me that were better than expected. Through the Phoenix Rising Sessions throughout the week I experienced the Transformation from releasing my deep seated Traumas of abuse and unworthiness which helped me to restore my own feeling of connection to my inner light. I was able to love myself in my feminine power and was able to recognize that the experience of my husband leaving me were not defining me. I am forever grateful that through the clear sight of Eva, that I have received such a fast clearing and I thought I had to go through this turmoil for much longer, was scared of the horrific tunnel I had to walk through in my life, I was able to transform the old patterns and restrictions in such a short amount of time and I was absolutely stunned that it was possible to leave this nightmare behind me at this fast rate. Even my friends in Germany couldn't believe how strong and confident I was looking my ex into the eyes. I regained my power and was able to let go of a dream that I had dreamed knowing that I could dream another one and that I was the one to decide to do that."

2nd Retreat: 2009
"I loved my Transformation and the results so much that I decided to come back to Ojai to see Eva with the purpose of praying in Happiness, Love and Prosperity into my life and release any limiting beliefs that stood in the way of starting a new Dream with the Love of my life that I was wanting to attract.
The Rituals we did felt so empowering, heart opening and helped me to awaken my magnetism and manifestations skills.
After this week I came back to Germany fully rejuvenated and ready to magnetize my light. It didn’t take long and I met my new life partner with who I live very happily in a beautiful dream house close to Chemsee South of Munich in Germany, since 2010."

3rd Retreat: 2012
"This time I came with the intention to get pregnant as my life partner and I were trying to get pregnant for a while unsuccessfully. I felt there were blocks stopping me from  conceiving another baby. I knew who could help me and so I was off to America again. With Eva’s help I released my deep fears around having another baby with a new man that could possible leave me.
I experienced so much joy and inner radiance streaming into me from above and also lighting me up from within that I felt my heart opening beyond anything I could even imagine. When i arrived back at the airport in Germany and my love Thomas picked me up - he couldn’t believe his eyes! I was pregnant within a month after I had left Eva’s Retreat in Ojai. Eva is a gift of God and there are no words what kind of gratitude I feel as all these transformations in my life have created the life of my dreams and above all have freed up my own inner spiritual gifts that I now am able to utilize.
Thank you Eva from the bottom of my heart for the ever inspiring journey with you, your insights and compassion throughout my life."